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In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is the most effective fertility treatment available, this process involves different phases as it emulates the natural processes of women from the creation of an egg to its implantation  . For these reasons, it can be difficult to understand certain processes but we can basically divide them into the following phases:

Why do IVF? Who does it help?

For those who do not achieve a pregnancy physiologically, each important step of IVF is intended to  rectify one of these fundamental flaws.



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Low ovular reserve.  If a woman has a small number of eggs, stimulating the ovaries will help give her a better chance of obtaining viable eggs. This is especially relevant for women over 35 years of age, but especially after the age of 38, the age at which the ovarian reserve has a noticeable decrease. 

The woman does not ovulate (regularly or never).  If a woman does not ovulate an egg, she cannot be fertilized and cannot become pregnant. IVF rectifies this through medications that help develop eggs to the point of maturity, so they can be retrieved.  and fertilized in the  laboratory  . This is especially relevant for women with PCOS or hormonal imbalances.

Sperms  If a man does not produce enough high-quality sperm, it is unlikely that any will survive the journey from the vaginal sac and through the cervix, then into the uterine cavity and continuing to salpinge to fertilize an egg. IVF removes all of these obstacles.

Fallopian tube.  If the fallopian tubes are blocked, achieving a physiological pregnancy is unfeasible because the egg and sperm cannot meet for fertilization to occur. As we mentioned earlier, in vitro fertilization ("in vitro" means "in glass" in Latin) involves the removal of eggs and sperm from the body to place them in a Petri dish for fertilization. As a result, eggs and sperm can meet, which would otherwise be impossible if a woman's fallopian tubes are blocked.

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